Laurel Veil       Middle School & Young Adult Author

“Author Veil (Psychomanteum, 2014, etc.) knows how to dial up the suspense…”-Kirkus Reviews

"...welcome spring-break fare."  -Kirkus Reviews

Alyssa's friends have abandoned her. It's not surprising though since she no longer has time to hang out with them. She's all her mom has left, and her mom is dying. Alyssa takes care of her mother's every need at the expense of her own. She loves her mom so she doesn't consider it a sacrifice, but she resents her older sister Rose for having run away. Their mother misses Rose and Alyssa needs her. It's as if Alyssa's mother looks out for her from beyond the grave, when Alyssa meets Dalton at her funeral. Strong yet sensitive, he gives Alyssa hope that she may one day heal as she slowly adjusts to life without her mother. But their fragile love is tested when they make a devastating revelation that will change their lives forever. 

Two bff’s going on drive-bys and spying late at night…what could possibly go wrong? Ashley’s dad left and she’s stuck dealing with her overprotective mom. If that wasn't bad enough, now her dad’s friend appears to be interested in her mom. Ashley’s dad is working undercover like he's done a million times before. But, she can’t shake the feeling that he’s hiding something. So, she enlists her best friend, 
Brianne (Bri), to help her spy on him. While out, Ashley meets Trent. She soon learns that he, like her father, has something to hide, and it’s not long before Brianne and Ashley are spying on Trent, as well. And they don’t like what they see!
It isn’t until Ashley’s life is on the line that she learns the ultimate truth—that things aren’t always what they seem.