Laurel Veil       Middle School & Young Adult Author

With a few more ticks of the clock, eighth grade
is going to end. Everyone is thrilled about starting
high school in the fall, which makes Bethany feel even
worse. She’s terrified! Oh sure, football games and
dances sound wonderful, but there is just one problem-
she wants a boyfriend to do these things with.
Luckily, Bethany has her best friend Shelby to help
take her mind off her worries. They’ll ride Bethany’s
moped and hang out at the lake and maybe even find a
boyfriend. It will be a summer of firsts, from kisses to
love if she can keep her frenemy, Brooke, from causing
problems and Shelby’s pesky, older brother Jack
from interfering. When did he get so cute, anyway?

Jessica has it all: a mansion, a maid, and lots of money. She also has a bad attitude and a list of frenemies a mile long.   She's about to turn sixteen, but celebrating is the last thing on her mind when her life takes a sudden detour after she receives a paranormal visit and is rocked by a miserable glimpse of her future.   Jessica must choose to change her life if she wants to change her future. But as she begins to consider her past, it's not just her skeletons that start to surface. Soon she uncovers that her workaholic father and socialite mother have secrets of their own. Feeling more alone than ever before, and overwhelmed by the paranormal messages she's receiving, Jessica seeks the help of an eccentric staff member who can communicate with the other side. And as her world flips upside down and everything she thought she knew falls apart, Jessica begins to wonder if she has any future at all. A story of surprising courage and unexpected friendship, Strong Like Me brilliantly walks the fine line between this world and the other.  

Niki woke up in the hospital with no clue how she got there, other than she was told she had had a car accident. If that wasn’t strange enough, she overheard her nurses say that it sounded like she mumbled the name Keith while she was unconscious. But, she didn’t know anyone by that name, did she? For the next ten months, she is tortured by a recurring nightmare about a demon-like creature and a guy she’s never met. After a terrible breakup and with only a month left until her high school graduation, her aunt Claire kicks her out. Niki purchases an old house that she feels drawn to with the small inheritance her parents left her when they died. Niki will discover terrifying secrets about the house, but stays when she begins to learn answers to the questions that surround her past, her accident, and Keith.