Laurel Veil       Middle School & Young Adult Author

Ever been invited to dinner only to find’re the main course? That’s sort of what happens to Haley Elizabeth. Twelve your old Haley is a lazy member of the Spring Hills Middle School student body, in the town of, you guessed it, Spring Hills. She is a so-so scholar unlike her science fair winning, cheerleading, flute playing sister, Hannah. She is also a procrastinator who stinks at the violin. Life gets a little better for Haley when she becomes acquainted with Juniper Hagglesworth - language arts teacher by day, fairy godmother by night. Ms. Hagglesworth helps Haley get out of a few jams, but Haley will learn that Ms. Hagglesworth’s help comes at a very expensive price. Can Haley get a grip on the magical mayhem before it’s too late? Find out!!!

"A lively, riveting monster tale that's fit for children and adults alike."-Kirkus Reviews

"Veil's vividly imaginative tale is an entertaining romp through monster lore, with vampires, werewolves and witches all making appearances. It reads as a love letter to the classic horror stories, refreshed for a modern young audience with plenty of folklore and a few cloves of garlic. There's plenty of room for a sequel or two here, and they would be surely

welcomed."-Kirkus Reviews

"Veil, author of several young adult and children's stories has mastered the vocabulary and tone of a kid's lit..." -Kirkus Reviews ws

Joe isn’t thrilled about a lot of things - being in eighth grade, having an older brother who is the football playing apple of his dad’s eye, or  having a Van Helsing-obsessed little brother that he gets stuck babysitting way too often.   That’s probably why he is so intrigued by Cole. Cole is a runaway who lives alone…in the cemetery, surrounded by iron crosses forged by Joe's great-great-grandfather, once a blacksmith for the sleepy harbor town of Majestic Hollow. Cole has his own reasons for befriending Joe and social outcast Vidonia Finkle, reasons forced on him by Belzore, the powerful being known in local folklore as The Boogey Man. Belzore wants nothing less than total control of Majestic Hollow. With an army of vampires, werewolves, and witches at his command, he should be able to take over easily. So why does Belzore fear Joe and Vi, or need to manipulate an unwilling Cole?   The answer lies in a secret buried in both the town's past and the cemetery—if Joe and his friends can uncover it. More than Majestic Hollow is at stake. If the town falls, Belzore's infernal minions will infest all of North America. Joe's going to have to be much more than average to stop this invasion.